New Mindfulness is a futurist foundry that designs, funds, and launches iconic, paradigm-shifting consumer ventures focused on the future of self, social, or space. The ventures we back are all primed for mass adoption and global ubiquity, each possessing a pathway to $1B+ in revenue. Ultimately, our foundry is working to create evolved human experiences for the mass consumer market.

As a venture fund with a foundry model, we do not fund or incubate external companies, but rather expertly ideate, design, and seed new companies in-house. As a futurist foundry, we particularly specialize in incubating new consumer ventures 18+ months ahead of market. Armed with our proprietary foresight methodologies and a deep pulse on the consumer market, we are building forward-thinking solutions across some of the most significant markets of today and tomorrow, such as wearables, AI, robotics, sustainability, medtech, XR, fashion, and future cities. is a global futures consultancy exclusively serving the venture capital and startup ecosystems. We provide futures intelligence to VCs, venture studios, and select startups so they can find, fund, and create the next class of breakout startup companies and unicorns.


Our internal team of analysts work to spot early signals of disruption, uncover emerging trends, and keep a pulse on where the market is headed, so our clients can identify and capitalize on new and emerging opportunities, and ultimately design and dominate the future. Both emerging and established VCs, venture studios, and startups come to us pre-strategy, pre-pivot, pre-capital commitment, and pre-design for rapid intel and ideation. Given our propensity to continuously identify what’s new and what’s next, we even work to support our VC clients with scouting future-proofed, proprietary deals.


As one of the first and only futures consultancies in this space, our mission is laser-focused on supporting the VC and startup ecosystems in developing a sharper, more systematic foresight lens to better navigate the frontier space. Ultimately, we believe that arming this industry's leaders and decision-makers with strategic foresight and futures intelligence is the key to making VC a more sustainable, successful, and responsible asset class.

Our first annual virtual foresight conference, INVISION 2031, will be held on June 4-5, 2021. Please subscribe on the website for updates.



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