New Mindfulness is a futurist foundry working to design, fund, and launch iconic, paradigm-shifting consumer ventures primed for mass adoption and global ubiquity. The ventures we back all revolve around the future of self, social, or space, and work to create evolved human experiences for the mass consumer market. Our novel investment model is not about searching for such companies, but about actively creating them 18+ months ahead of market.

As portfolio inventors, we found and fund at the pre-seed stage across some of the most significant industries, markets, and technologies of today and tomorrow, such as wearables, AI, robotics, sustainability, medtech, XR, fashion, and future cities. With 6 ventures already in the pipeline, we are working swiftly and surgically to move deep, innovative solutions from the margins to the masses. is a global futures consultancy exclusively serving the venture capital and startup ecosystems. We provide angels, institutional investors, and select founding teams with advisory consultations, strategy sessions, and data and market intelligence downloads designed to help our clients develop a deep, almost omniscient foresight lens that empowers them to find, fund, and create the next-class of breakout startup companies and unicorns.

Our overall mission is to support the venture capital and startup ecosystems in developing a sharper foresight lens and awareness of the futures. We believe arming this industry's leaders and decision makers with foresight is the key to making VC a more sustainable, successful, and responsible asset class.

We will be hosting our first annual foresight conference, Invision 2031 on June 4-5, 2021. Please subscribe on the website for updates.



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