I provided a Los Angeles based concierge medical practice that serves high net worth individuals with a robust market research report that informed their new growth and innovation strategies. This process involved taking the practice’s core stakeholders on a journey into what the future of luxury healthcare will look like. From brainwave optimization technologies to precision based medical practices, there is a lot to look forward to.


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The Task

My client needed to create and implement a new five-year growth strategy, so I was tasked with conducting the market and trend research within the very niche market of luxury healthcare and concierge medicine that would serve to inform the strategy. I produced a full, easy-to-read, beautifully designed research report titled The State of Luxury Healthcare, which provided the medical practice’s key stakeholders with data on significant phenomena happening within their industry. Because the goal was to create a five-year growth strategy, I also included rich data on where their industry is heading. Being the tech-futurist that I am, I easily compiled, synthesized, and included information on a number of advanced medical practices and techniques, as well as leading-edge technologies that are beginning to spurn the emerging med-tech revolution.

The Experience Factor

My work as an experience designer also led me to research another aspect of the luxury healthcare industry: the patient experience. I incorporated data into the report on how the patient experience is changing within their industry. This included data on new competing business models that serve to deliver an enhanced patient experience at scale. I also included insights around specific elements of the patient experience that have contributed to the standard of care rising. Incorporating this additional layer of nuance into the report led to an important discussion between the practice’s decision makers. Enhancing their patient experience became a central component of the practice’s 5-year growth strategy. 

The Result

Ultimately, with the report, my client was able to develop a more robust and informed growth strategy. The data on the many advanced technologies, healing modalities and cutting-edge medical techniques led them to craft a superior innovation strategy with a plan to roll-out new service offerings. The market and trend research I provided, also gave them a clearer understanding of how to reposition and differentiate themselves from competitors. And lastly, my insight and emphasis on the patience experience, informed them on how to capture new clients and retain existing ones through an elevated patient experience.



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