I designed a fully-immersive, four dimensional VR experience unlike anything currently on the market. This particular experience transports users to the extraordinary heights of outer space, while surrounding them with cosmic, meditative trance music. The visual and sonic experience is profoundly enhanced by the selected hardware: a pair of scientifically optimized headphones, and the industry's most powerful VR headset.


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The Inspiration

I worked with my high-caliber team (a neuroscientist, monk, sound engineer, UX designer, 3D artist and VR developer) to create an unforgettable experience designed to induce a state of euphoria, wonder, and deep clarity. The project was inspired by the life-altering experiences many astronauts had when they viewed the earth from space. Some describe this phenomena as the "overview effect," which brings one into a state of mental clarity powerful enough to produce a cognitive shift in awareness.


My team set out to simulate and recreate this experience through virtual reality for everyday users who may never have the extraordinary privilege of space travel that the astronauts did. We began by designing the virtual environment, and the visual layout of the galaxy the user would see. 

The Process

The next element of the design consisted of producing a dynamic sound experience. We wanted users to be able to select their sound experience from a curated list, so we created a variety of music, sounds, and guided meditations designed to induce the desired effects.

While our sound engineer and our monk worked together on the music, and our UX/UI designer wireframed the application, I set out on a mission to find the perfect hardware that would enhance both the visual and auditory experience.

The Test

After identifying and configuring our high-end hardware to our software, my neuroscientist and I designed our product efficacy studies in order to test whether our experience (and all of its elements) actually did induce states of euphoria, wonder, and mental clarity. We connected EEG monitors to the headset, and conducted user testing that collected both self-reported, qualitative responses as well as quantifiable brainwave data (measured before the experience and throughout the duration of it). Our preliminary test results were very promising and encouraged us to continue developing more experiences for the production of a full MVP. 



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